Students Opinions: Pizza in State College

State College is no Italy when it comes to pizza. Actually, it is not even comparable to New York-style pizza. The one thing that State College is good at is having pizza that’s cheap and easily accessible for a late night snack.

I spoke to different students on campus to get their thoughts about State College Pizza. The results…not surprising.

“If I could describe State College pizza as an animal it would be a porcupine. In theory, it looks appetizing and you’ll think it’ll taste good, just as a porcupine looks cute and you want to pet it. However, once you taste the pizza or pet the proverbial porcupine you’ll think, “hey that could’ve been a lot better.”

Dave Patalano, Junior

“I love Canyon because they’re not afraid to be themselves. The actual store front might be messy, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s all about the pizza there. No fanciness, no make up, all pizza.”

Andy Mader, Junior

“State College pizza is honestly not that good. A lot of it is cheap and not made well. The only good State College pizza place is Margherita's. Their pizza is also supreme and tastes homemade.”

Will Dunn, Senior

“State College pizza is honestly not the best. The first thing I do when I go home for break is go straight to my local pizzeria where I can get some REAL pizza. Some places charges $1 per slice because even they know it’s extremely low quality. The pizza industry here focuses on price as opposed to quality and it shows. There is a real market for good, quality pizza here in State College and they would make a killing.”

Anonymous, Senior

“Canyon has a lot of good deals and I just really like the taste of the pizza. The pizza isn’t too greasy and I think it has a good cheese/sauce mix. It is literally a dollar how can I complain.”

Anthony Guzzo, Junior

“I am from Siena, Italy visiting my girlfriend who is a student here at Penn State. I don't really want to try pizza here because I already know it is not as good as it is at home. I heard Snap (I think that is what it is called) is good, but I can wait a little longer until I fly back to Italy for some real pizza.”

Marco, an Italian teenager visiting State College

So there you have it folks! These are the opinions of ~real~ students at Penn State about pizza in State College. I tend to stay neutral in the debate because cheap pizza is cheap pizza. You get what you pay for.