Best Deals for College Students

It’s no joke that college can leave you with a “tight wallet.” Don’t freak out, we aren’t the only ones who know that this is true! There are tons of sites and programs out there that want to give us discounts because… been there, done that! (Or so it seems) Below is a list of some of the best discounts that we should all take advantage of during our time here at Penn State.

Amazon Prime

Need something last minute? Amazon Prime gives students a great discount for $50 a year for unlimited free shipping whether it be a restock on paper towels for your apartment or for a textbook that you just didn’t think you would need… Until that first exam pops up.

Apple Music and Spotify

The debate goes on, but to each their own! Both Apple Music and Spotify offer great options for students to access their benefits for a discounted price. Apple Music offers their online music services for just $4.99 per month, as opposed to the regular $9.99. As for Spotify, you can get the music streaming service plus Hulu AND Showtime for just $4.99 a month! The choice is yours, but don’t miss out on either of these great opportunities.


There are endless sites online that offer discounts to students while online shopping. These include Misguided, Princess Polly, Asos, and more! If you need to stock up on some clothes for the weekend or for that accessory that you just must have for game day, take advantage of these money saving sites!


I, personally, love books. With a never ending schedule, it can be hard to find time to sit down and unwind with a book. Audio books are a great option to throw in those headphones and listen to a great book on that long walk to class.

New York Times

Whether an avid news reader or not, it is important (...I guess) to keep up on the happening of news that don’t include the score of the Penn State football game or the subtle happenings of downtown State College. The New York Times offers their subscriptions to students for just $1 a month, as opposed to the normal $3.75 for non-students.

Cell phone service

As much as we use our phones, we should be taking advantage of the cheapest offer possible. AT&T and Sprint offer discounts to students. Just enter your email and check to see if you’re eligible on their given websites.

Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud

Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud are free to us as Penn Staters. While you can, download Lightroom for free to get that perfect filter for your Insta pic. Chegg Chegg has some serious discounts on textbooks. Although the discount amount may vary, they’re guaranteed to be cheaper than the bookstore.

Apple back to school laptop discounts

Need a new laptop? Apple offers a great deal to students with a discount off of a new laptop at the beginning of the school year. If your old laptop is catching its last few days, take advantage of this offer before we hit that real world status.

Kate Spade

This… is a personal favorite. Need a new wallet? Or don’t? Sign up for a 15% discount at Kate Spade to splurge on something new and treat yourself, or your girlfriend, for that matter.