Healthiest Food On & Off Campus

Penn State has a lot to offer when it comes to the food department - the tricky thing is knowing where to get a good, healthy meal.

The town of State College has definitely hopped on the acai bowl trend – from Yogurt Express downtown to Jamba Juice on campus - there is an acai bowl place within walking distance no matter where you are on campus. In an apartment building located right off campus (in the Legacy) there was a new bowl place added – Playa Bowls. Smoothie bowls combine fruit and veggies with protein. Similar to Playa Bowls, Roots. Roots is a similar aspect but instead of smoothie it is based with rice or potatoes and topped with vegetables and dressing. They are not a salad, rather a meal with different food groups tossed in a bowl. I have heard Roots described as a healthy Chipotle, so to cut that Chipotle craving you can head on over to Roots (located under the Edge apartment building). Roots also offers pre-made bowls, or make your own.

Café Laura on campus in the hospitality management building offers make your own salads if you’re in that part of campus during lunch time and do not want to make your way back down to the Hub. In the Hub, there is a salad bar to make your own healthy salad with everything from fresh spinach to grilled chicken. ABP was replaced by Panera on campus and Panera has healthy salad options too. Fiddlehead is an off-campus salad place that offers build your own salads or pre-made salads. Being healthy is now in.

Eating a salad every day can quickly get old though. On campus in the dining hall there are buffets with balanced meal options. You can get a grain, vegetables, and protein all pre-made for you when you swipe your ID card. If you’re living in an apartment building there is a Wegmans and Trader Jo’s on North Atherton which offer fresher varieties of food options to go grocery shopping.

Everything in moderation. If Panda Express is your weakness, there is a steamed vegetable option to pair with your orange chicken. This may not offer the most balanced meal, but is a great way to get those greens in. Sushi is also a great way to get those proteins in, and luckily State College offers sushi up and down College Avenue. There is Tokyo on one end and Tadashi on the other (in the apartment complex of the Metropolitan). Sushi is not on the expensive side either, and when paired with edamame it is very filling.

Overall, it is where you are willing to look. It is the choices you are going to make that will determine a healthy meal, the options listed above should help! No matter where you go, there is always a healthy option, keep your eyes peeled!