Who's Messier? Girls or Boys?

This question raises many debates because obviously it really depends on what kind of person you are, and both guys and girls can be neat freaks to the point where hoodies need to be organized by the color; or they can be a complete dirtiest disaster who finds a six-month Cheetos bag within the deep jungle of their bed.

So, let’s get into that and make things clear.

First things first, girls definitely have many more things they use every day to maintain their beauty, am I right ladies? It still depends on what kind of look you are into. And whether you are all about a natural glow or a full on make-up slay, girls still have about 10 different things in their shower caddy, not even talking about the closet. Yes, it is really important because anyone who wants to argue that girls are messier than boys need to keep in mind that an average girl owns around 5 times more than an average boy. So, even if we keep our rooms clean (which we are partly pressured into doing by society norms saying that women are supposed to be in a certain way) for the beginning of the week, one Friday night of going out can ruin it all! Girls are rushing, trying on everything possible throwing it all around in their tiny dorm rooms try not to burn down the whole dorm. It is really stressful, ya know?! It is a hard time for some of the ladies out there to keep up with that but some of yall handle it pretty well and make it seem like girls are much neater than boys.

Let’s be real, guys take less than 20 mins to get ready for the day. Shower, maybe shave, put on a tee and pants and they are good to go. They can wear the same pair of shorts for the week and no one will judge them but is that even fair? I, myself, witnessed my guy friend open his closet and not even kidding you, he had like ten pieces of clothing hanging up which made no sense to me because it never seemed like he was wearing the same outfits. This, in fact, makes it so much easier for them to keep things tidy but where does their mess even come from? Duh, it comes from the fact that guys would rather play Fortnite for another hour rather than clean their room. Visiting some of my guy friends’ apartments I would always notice that their places would be “clean enough” for them meaning somewhat clean bathrooms, some dirty dishes in the sink and a messy bed. That does not include the Frat houses though, those are absolutely gross, which is totally understandable (thanks for your parties, guys).

Long story short, I find guys and girls both messy and all over the place but I gotta say that it brings some sort of charm and indescribable cozy feeling to it. And never forget, nobody’s perfect! Maybe Beyonce, but do not even let me get started on that one.