Why Don’t We Talk to Strangers More?

This question popped into my head after I had a pretty incredible encounter with a girl at Saints Cafe. I went through this strengthsfinder process that ultimately told me that being a “Wooer” was one of my top 5 strengths. This was the 1 out of the 5 strengths that kind of threw me for a loop. I always considered myself to be pretty content with not caring about what other people think of me, but I learned I was looking at the word “woo” in the completely wrong context. It means more along the lines that I cultivate relationships with strangers pretty easily. Granted, that also threw me for a loop because I like to be in my own bubble when I’m in busy, crowded places. If I’m completely being honest, I don’t wear makeup most days so trying to hide my identity in public with oversized sweatshirts is a big reason behind my introverted behavior.

Then I was at Saints. This girl sat down next to me and put one of the prettiest journals I’ve ever seen on the round marble table in front of her. Before I knew it I was blurting out a combination of jumbled up words, just trying to express how beautiful I thought her journal was. You ready for the best part? Her face lit up and said “Thank you!” in a British accent. Yep, that one threw me for a loop too! The chances I met someone from England in the middle of Central Pennsylvania was pretty slim. I probably could see a cow cross the road before having a conversation with a born and raised European.

Fast forward to a few hours later and I was scribbling in my journal all the random thoughts that were racing through my head from the weekend. I glanced over and saw her finish up her writing. I weirdly had the biggest urge to talk to her. I kinda just knew that no matter where our conversation would go, I wouldn’t regret trying to talk to her.

So me being me, I bluntly asked, “So how long have you been journaling?” This one simple (almost surface level) question led to us talking about our career paths, relationships, boys, and just how a good piece of carrot cake can change your day (highly recommend getting a slice next time you’re at Saints).

I walked out of that coffee shop with the biggest high. The revelation I came to? I’m definitely a “Wooer”. Stamp that on my forehead if you want because I feel proud with that identity now. I think I’ve taken away in the past few weeks that I limit the amount of human interaction I have on a daily basis (yep, that was deep but bear with me for second and just hear me out). We’re surrounding by people with all unique stories that just have not been told to us. We hide behind our phones because 1. social media is pretty fun and addicting and 2. we can communicate easier with people we actually care about. I have always been a big proponent of only investing my time with the people that are important to me, but this small, simple encounter changed my viewpoint. Sure, we exchanged numbers so we could journal together in Saints, but I would still be content if I never saw this girl again. I was able to connect with a complete stranger for 20 minutes just from commenting on her journal. I will always have this story to tell. And for me, I think that’s pretty dang cool.