The Real Take on College Park Pizza

College Park is home to many great pizza places loved by the students at UMD! Growing up in New York, I’d like to believe I know good pizza, so here’s my take on a few of the places.

Blaze is a snazzy little pizza place right on Route 1 where you go down a queue like Chipotle and put toppings on your own personal pizza. They have a wide variety of options and they lightly char their pizza to give it that signature “Blaze” taste.

Pizza Kingdom is another notable place to get a slice and, trust me, all you’ll need is a singular slice. Pizza Kingdom offers huge slices of pizza, each one taking up an entire box.

In my opinion, Lotsa is the best place to get pizza in College Park. Lotsa is located behind Pizza Kingdom and right next to Terrapin’s Turf (one of the best bars here at UMD). Like Blaze, the patron goes down a line and builds their own personal pizza. The pizzas are really cheap and quite filling. The staff at Lotsa is always super nice to their customers from 11AM all the way to close at 3AM. They offer a cooler full of free water bottles at night so that students can stay hydrated.

Though all pizza places in College Park are delicious, I have to say that Lotsa is a classic that truly cares about its patrons and will always be my favorite.