The One Slice You Won’t Regret

A posh ambiance, spacious seating arrangements, a flawless ordering system, and meals made with local farm fresh ingredients. You will find absolutely none of these at Ed’s Buffalo Wings & Pizza in University City. However, it’s the best UCity pizza Philly has to offer for college students, in my humble and correct opinion. Hear me out.

The early days of one’s college career can be some confusing ones and full of questions. Where can I find the best deal on textbooks? Should I really join that frat or sorority? Is human existence merely a meaningless pit of despair and false hope that was marketed to us in our youth to further the capitalist agenda and distract us from the true dangers that loom beyond us in our galaxy which we can’t truly comprehend with our underdeveloped minds? Where can I find the best pizza slice? It’s that last question that I want to focus on here.

It’s simple yet so complex. That luscious combination of dough, sauce, cheese, and the occasional toppings that enthralls us all. When crafted just right, a slice from this combination of ingredients can bring one to tears. Or maybe that girl was crying at 2am because she was way too drunk and going through a breakup. Regardless, for the first few months as a student at Drexel this perfect, doughy combination seemed to elude me.

Like many young students I had my dark nights, which consisted of me crawling over to the closest 7-Eleven during an all-nighter to purchase the full pizza pie. The luxurious oven that bordered a wall full of Pall Mall cigarettes and iPhone chargers seemed to get the job done. But my career in college pizza at that point was merely functional, just going through the motions. There was no feeling. Not until...that one fateful evening.

I don’t remember any details at all. But I do remember it was fateful and it was evening. The third thing I remember is that buffalo chicken pizza. The time, late. The lights, bright. The place, Ed’s. Located just off of 36th and Lancaster Avenue there lies this beacon of hope for Drexel and Penn students alike who refuse to settle for cheap pizza only tasting like pieces of paper that accidentally fell into some old cheese. Ed’s may not be flashy or have any butterfly wings on the wall to take Instagram pictures in front of, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in cheese. And toppings. And awesomeness because that’s a word too. That buffalo chicken slice changed something inside of me. I think I became a man that night.

The slices are so generous in portion that they cascade off of every plate. A simple, plain pizza is exquisite on its own, but if you want the true Ed’s experience I recommend swan diving straight into their wide array of toppings and specialty pizzas (specifically the Tim & Jon and Buffalo Chicken pizzas). Inexpensive, easy to find, doughy and divine, Ed’s Buffalo Wings & Pizza is this tax-payer’s favorite UCity pizza joint. Oh, and their wings are pretty bangin’ too.